removing full screen default?

I’m a newbie to blender. Is there someway to remove the full screen default? It would make it a lot easier to refer to the tutoriols. I’ve tried ctrl+tab and ctrl+esc with no luck. I’m running blender in linux.
Thanks Scott

Hi. I presume you’re running under Linux?

Start Blender with a lowercase W to force blender to open in a normal window:

blender -w

You can also specifiy where that window is using the lowercase P:

blender -w -p 128 128 1024 768

The lower-right corner is at pixel 128,128 in the X desktop and the window is 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high.

You can find full documentation for things like this in the
Blender Reference Guide

I believe this works on the Mac also, but I’ve never used a Mac so if that’s the case perhaps someone else knows?

Hope this helps.