Removing inside verts/edges/faces

Just learning Blender and loving it.

I’m creating different elements of a toy train set, however I am finding that shapes used on the outside, that pertrude on the inside are causing an issue. I.E. faces that can be seen on the inside and are not required.

I understand that this isn’t a good thing, especially when wanting to make a model transparent, or for the computers processing resources.

I have tried several methods that have been described online, such as using a Boolean intersect, and removing doubles. Apart from a long-winded process of deleting faces and joining edges, is there a more simple solution?

I don’t really want to restart building the model, as I’ve been told that this can be done as you are building the model.

Thank you for your time,


You’ll have to upload the model for me to analyze it and fix the issue. I might even make a video of me doing it, so that you can learn it yourself. The boolean operations are the way to go, you just have to know how to use them.

Thanks Ognjen.

I would really appreciate if you could possibly make a video to show the steps to how to remove internal faces. An example face in the attached .blend file, is the face beneath ‘EngBall’ the sphere above ‘EngBoiler’.


TestToyEngine.blend (1.77 MB)

Ok, I’ve managed to fix most of the issues. You can do the rest yourself. If you have anymore problems or have another request for a video or tut don’t hesitate to ask.

.blend file

Thank you for the video and blend file MediumSolid. That’s really helpful, I’ve managed to further refine the train using some of the techniques used.