Removing keyframes, but empty CubeActions remains

In the same context: It puzzles me that empty "CubeAction"s remains after clearing the keyframes. Tried to search on the internet for explanation, but still confused.

Is there any way fully to get rid of the “CubeAction”-artefacts?

Kind regards

No need to hijack someone else’s support thread. I’ve split your post to your own thread.

An Action is a "container’ of sorts, a datablock that contains keyframe data, first created when anything is keyframed on an object. As an Action, it can be linked in the Action Editor to any other object. Deleting its contents, the keyframes, does not automatically delete the Action, just as emptying a jar doesn’t destroy the jar itself.

First, select the object that it’s linked to (“vaeg,” seen in the Outliner image), then Shift+LMB (click) on the “X” button next to the Action name in the Action Editor. This will unlink the Action from that object and also mark it for deletion when the file is saved, closed, and re-opened. If the Shift button is not included, it will unlink the Action from the object but the Action will not be deleted.

This may seem a bit arcane but there are good reasons for Actions to have persistence both when unlinked and when empty of keyframe data – in the latter case, they usually get filled back up ;).

Dear chipmasque
Thanks alot for your help. I’ve missed the shift-thing. Thanks to you I’ve now got datablocks eliminated in both Dope-sheet and Action editor.

But the Animation reference still exist in the Outliner (yet with no tiny ±sign) - even after restart/reload of file and application.

Is this how it is to be or should it be eliminated in the Outliner list as well?

Kind regards - also to Fwee for thread-direction.

I can’t say for sure about your last question, some of the things that go on in the Outliner are pretty opaque to me. It may be another case of a “container” datablock, but not one designed to be removed so easily. You might try posing the question to user “Aligorith,” who has a very deep knowledge of the deepest dark places in Blender :wink: He has an excellent blog about such stuff but I can’t seem to find the darn link! Sorry.

Thanks again. You did a very nice job clearifying the datablock issue for me. I can live and work with the Outliner behaviour until I find the reason. Kind Regards, Mikael

I’ve never been able to remove that icon… But to me, it’s no big deal.

@chipmasque: here’s the link to Aligorith’s blog - I have it bookmarked as it’s an invaluable resource.