Removing linked libraries

Hi all,
I have a scene with 3 linked objects in it. I have completely removed 1 object, all its actions, its mesh, its armature, etc. The library is still linked to the scene.

So, is there an easy way to remove a linked character from a scene?? An easier way than trying to hunt down all parts of the character???


No replies yet???

I’m not trying to bump my own thread here, I’m reporting what I figured out so far to help others with this problem.

So, you have a file with 3 objects linked in it, how to remove one or more objects?

  1. Open the outliner window, in the outliner display type field, select library.
  2. Ctrl-Right click on the name of the library you wish to remove, the name will be highlighted and you can edit or delete the name, hit the delete key, removing the name and press enter.
  3. Save the file. Shut down Blender. Start Blender. Open the file and you will get a message telling you there is an error in the console window. The message informs you Blender cannot find the library you just removed.
  4. Save the file again. Open the file again and there will be no error messages, and all references to the linked library will be removed.

To me, this seems like a bad way of removing a linked object, but since no one else has responded to this post, perhaps it’s the only way. I certainly hope with v2.5 there is a better way to remove linked libraries.