Removing mesh triangulation issues

Don’t know if this has been discussed before, I’ve been trying to create this base for a logo for the last couple of days, but I’m having issues with it, I keep getting to many triangles in the mesh with weird surface results. So far I’ve tried:

  • creating the outline of the shape in Inkscape and importing it as .SVG
  • tried using the imported path as a 2D and 3D (extruded them) filling the caps
  • created a bezier curve in Blender, selected all and pressed “F” to make the face and extruding it

It doesn’t matter what I try I get similar results, I started cleaning my mesh manually, but it’s very time consuming selecting the offending edges and dissolving them…I’ve tried the Alt+J trick and it does reduce some of the triangulation but still have to resort to the manual selection…HELP!


you have to remove the bad tri’s and manualy redo the faces to reduce qty of tris as much as possible
now you could use also the Remesh modifier to help

with remesh Turn off Remove Disonnected Pieces and turn up the Octree to 6 or 7. Apply the modifier and you will find that your topology is greatly improved.

you can also use the knife tool to cut some edges and add other edges between selected verts with J key to help make quad faces!
but overall it is a manual job and take time

if not use for animation you can always make a big Ngon for faces as long as it is flat it wont be a problem
if there is no need afterward for adding loops!

here is example from curve surface to mesh and use of remesh

hope it helps

happy bl

Thanks RickyBlender!!

I did manage to reduce most of the offending Tris with your advice and finished them off manually, so I’m really pleased with the results, so is my cousin/client :smiley:

Although it still has quite a high number of Tris for the whole logo. I could not make it any lower without compromising the actual logo, still I did a 3 seconds HDTV 720p sample animation and it was rendering each frame @ aprox 2min. So IMO I believe it’s OK.

So once again, thanks!