Removing/modifying logic brick system

Logic bricks are good for doing small tasks because they provide a visual layout of controls and learning to use them is simple. With larger projects though, logic bricks become a pain because they aren’t accessible to text search and moving them around is cumbersome.

I’m sure someone else has thought of this before so I’ll just ask: why not use the “nodes” that the compositor, materials, and textures use? They are even easier to work with and would get rid of sometimes unnecessary controllers (like “And” with only one input). From what I’ve read, it seems like this system is based on robotics? Not sure why that would make sense.

If all you have to say is, “do it yourself,” that’s fine; I’d love to. Even so, I’d like to know that someone else thinks this would be a good idea.

Logic nodes were going to be implemented into Blender 2.5- I’m not sure if it’s on the Summer of Code or not, though.

I’m happy with the logic bricks

Logic bricks are good,

But border select,
copy and paste, and grouping would make them perfect.

I like the idea of using logic nodes over bricks; when I first started using Blender Game Engine (coming from programming) & saw the logic brick interface I was pretty unhappy. I like the logic nodes as outlined in the plan for Blender 2.5; they’re a lot closer to Python code, which will ultimately make the transition from the visual interface to using Python easier (for something more complex if they need to), or to using other game engines/programming languages in general.