Removing Octane

Hi. I am removing all Vanilla Blender to get a clean install after many years and avoid errors related to old plugins. So far, it has been a straightforward process. But when it comes to removing Octane via Window “Remove Apps,” it does not work. I suspect this is cause I removed all Blender, and Octane is, in a way, hooked to those.

The “uninstalling” its kind of there but as a frozen text.

I get the same message when removing Octane Server and/or Octane Blender.

Is there any way to remove them? Or the fact I already removed Vanilla Blender disrupted the Octane removing phase?

Thank you

You could try the control panel (not sure if thats the name) to uninstall the programm.
I mean the one from win 7.

I just did this a couple of days ago. Control panel > Programs and Features (the main title) > then uninstall/remove from there. This will then delete them from your installed app list.

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