removing rig from mesh properties in timeline


I have set up an animation of a character going through many different actions using the same rig.

however at the end - I would like to remove the rig from the character mesh as I would like to make him look like he is falling apart. I cannot do this with the rig attached.

I have posed him and applied the armature modifier - but I notice that this affects the whole animation. ie - when I go back, the mesh is removed from the rig throughout the whole scene.

how can I achieve this without ruining the rest of my animation? I am probably missing something when adding a keyframe but I cannot figure it out.

thank you.

I would not remove the rig. There is no need. Instead use the AnimAll pluggin/script to collapse your character.

Good luck!

hey DanPro - thanks so much for the suggestion - that is quite powerful. its a little confusing tho as I need to use it in edit mode - so as a result the mesh is in the rest position - rather than in the pose he is in when I want him to fall apart. but I can still work around this with some trial and error.

nonetheless - this is a great tool.


You can fix that by selecting your mesh, go to the mesh modifiers and toggle on Use in Edit Mode and Apply Modifier in Edit Mode on your armature modifier. There will be two icons to the right of the eye icon. If they are on, your pose will show while you are in edit mode.

This is handy to use on all modifiers is certain instances.

Good luck!

hi DanPro - that is great to know - thanks so much.