Removing shadow source breaks ipo animations

Hey guys,
I’ve found very strange bug. I added option in the menu to remove shadows from the game. If you want higer fps on low-end PCs. When the player set “no shadows” in the menu, the code set the lamp that casts shadows to be removed on restart and invites player to restart the level. Then, when loading again on init state, I remove the lamp, that casts shadows…and everything is fine. BUT I have some sensor objects, that are moving with ipo animations, not bones.(I think it is no longer called ipo in 2.5+ however). What happens is - those animations starts to desynchronize to the point that it is impossible to interact with them. When I leave the shadows on, everything works fine…wtf is happening? :smiley:
Also this is happening only on ATI cards or at least on my ATI PC…on all NVIDIA PCs works no matter with or without shadows.
:smiley: Gee! Any suggestions?