Removing the car from the scene.

Can we delete the vehicles using the VehicleWrapper from the scene? if you remove the car from an ongoing simulation blender closes encountering an error. any ideas?

You will need to make sure that you clean up all the objects associated with the wrapper. When you delete the the wrapper do you get any errors in the console? You need to elaborate more on your problem.

I never understood the point of the wrapper, why not just build a rig from 6dof joints etc? I can build a vehicle in a few moments…

I guess what I am saying, is what does the wrapper do?

I’m not sure but i think hes referring to the setup on the TutorialsforBlender tutorial rig setup.

Personally i’ve never setup my vehicle this way although i did refer to it while learning to do so.

@BPR yeh thats pretty much the solution i settled on.

I remember the bge crashed when removing the wheels. But this was back to the 2.5x days. I do not know the current state.

Console shows nothing.

I can remove the vehicle via python or Logic Brick, but wheels and their physics still remain on scene. Attempts to remove wheel always crash blender. I think that from 2.5 nothing has changed.

I can confirm that problem.

I’ve the same problems with the vehicle-wrapper.
Ending the car-related objects causing a crash of blender.

Only one solution left. Replace the scene with a new one. Or construct your own car rig.

Has someone added this bug to the bug tracker yet?