Removing the Shading from simple Objects.

Okay so when I make a object, say a cube and make it green (or any color) it always has shading. I delete the light source, still has it. How can I get rid of this? I am trying to make a game (xna) and this is really ruining the artwork.

Can anyone please help?

That’s because you have a material assigned to the object. Remove it. On the other hand, if you need color, you’ll need a material. So in alternative, you have to configure the material’s settings so it doesn’t seem as shaded.

If you delete ( as you said ) the source light and still being able to render and see it, then the light is coming from somewhere. Scene with no lights are rendered black (totally dark ) unless you have “environment light” selected. Also are you using AO? ( Ambient oclussion )

There are many possibilities, you can make your material shadeless, or not to receive shadows etc. Can you post one of your renders so we can see what really is bothering you?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: or are you talking about shading on your 3D viewport?

Um as far as the things go I have everything at default and I delete the little ball lamp that spawns with the shape. I export this to a .FBX and I have no idea what any of the export buttons do, but I disable animation. Dont know if any of that helps, I’m sending one of my favorite little guys.


Diamond.blend (255 KB)

If I understand you correctly, you should click “shadeless” for all your materials. That makes materials unresponsive to light, shading, etc, so when you render all you get is the pure diffuse color. The shading you’re seeing in the viewport is from the GLSL lights that make your model visible when you’re working on it. They are not used in the render.

I have no idea how the current fbx exporter handles shadeless materials, but it should be fairly trivial.

Thanks. I think I have it. I pushed the shadow button in the materials area (it had the same description) and that seemed to work. I also learned I have some random light source in my game. but now the static shadow is gone, thanks!