Removing unused bones

Hello there,

First of all sorry if this question is too basic or stupid, I’m mainly a coder :P.

I’m using this animated model for a game and because of some engine limitations I have to remove some bones.
I noticed a bunch of bones that are not currently being used in the animations but their parent bone is, so I wanted to get rid of those bones and assign their vertex group to its parent, hoping the animation would play the same, but it doesnt.

The way I removed the bones and assign the vertex is the following, in the outliner I remove all the bones that I dont want, and then modidy the names of all the vertex groups to the parent one, (Blender automatically changes the name of the vertext group to “ParentBoneName”.001, “ParentBoneName”.002 and so on).
When I try to play the animation, the vertex groups previously assigned to the bones removed stay still and dont move :(.

Any ideas?

THanks very much in advance!

I think, that you have to have one vertex group for the former parent bone - not several. The parent bone will not affect the new vertex groups with 001 002 and so on - at least I would be really surprised if that works.

In edit mode you can select each of the old vertex groups so that all vertices belonging to them are selected. Also select the parent vertex group. After that assign all the selected vertices to the parent group.You should check the weights of the new vertex group after that. Perhaps yo have to overwork some of the weight painting after that to have a good deforming effect.