Removing unwanted frames/panels

Hi folks. Completely new to Blender, so please forgive me if this is a simple thing. (2.7)

I’m having trouble removing unwanted panels/frames from the main window. I’ve ready the manual and watched countless youtubes about the subject, but I can’t make sense of them! Being a complete Windows (little mac) person I don’t understand these moving tiles at all. However, I do understand how to open a new pane, and close a pane into an existing one, but, there are times I will open a view, such as the User Properties, then want to close it, but the corner crinkles don’t collapse the window into any other of the same size, it will only spawn a new copy.

I often end up with panels open that I no longer want with no way to get rid of them but close the app and re-open it.

What on earth am I missing?


You are probably just dragging in the wrong direction.
You can also just change the editor type on the main screen and switch back when needed.
If you have two computer screens, you can shift click the plus-sign to pop out another window. This will also save you some time.

In case you have a lot of screens open and you saved them, so you can’t get rid of them anymore by reloading the .blend save file, you can also pu everything back in it’s place by file>reload factory settings. This will also delete your project tho’.

Thanks ikbe, I can’t remember what I was doing now, but I have got used to the window system, it’s most definitely so much not Microsoft in it’s approach. 48 hours ago I hated it, however, today it’s started making sense and I’ve even started looking for the crimped corners in Windows!

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for posting without really taking the time to research my options.