Removing unwanted vertices in 2.6

Hi I’m finally starting to use blender 2.6 after staying with 2.49 for a while. I wanted to ask, in 2.49 you could ‘clean up’ an imported format e.g. 3ds by pressing shift+J to remove the unwanted vertices.

Have they changed this on blender 2.6 because it doesn’t seem to work with shift and J.

Many thanks

In 2.49b SHIFT+J did the same as ALT+J , it converts triangle into quads.
In 2.5/2.6 SHIFT+J does not seem to work anymore, but ALT+J continue to do the same thing.

If you want to use SHIFT+J instead of ALT+J that you can always change this key in File -> User Preferences -> Input , in the search bar type “tris to quads” and once the keymap appear for “Tris to Quads”, click on the ALT+J then press SHIFT and J

thank you!