Removing UVs in UV maps?

I’m trying to split the UVs of one mesh between two different UV maps; as in head and torso on one, legs and arms on the other. Problem with this is both UV maps appear to have all the UVs of the mesh on them. I make a new UV map with the faces I want selected, and I get the same result.

how do I remove the UVs I don’t need from a UV map?

maybe pics would better explain what I’m getting at. you can see, I’ve got two uv maps, and only one of them will work at a time. The black parts you see are where I lumped the excess uvs [legs and arms on the head/torso map, head/torso on the legs and arms map] together, one on top of each other, because I don’t know what else to do with them.

The wiki says you can simply make a seam, select the faces and unwrap on a new uv map… and it doesn’t work. I don’t know what else to do; searching the forum reveals nothing.

While I’m at it, turning it screws it up; I’m assuming this is from where I mirrored the mesh a few times. How do I fix this?

Using v 2.48, by the way.

Not sure, but the edit button is your friend and posting more than one thread isn’t going to help you.

I reposted here 'cause first thread was in wrong forum, and nobody said anything.