Removing UVs

Hi, all!

Is there a way to remove UVs from selected vertices and/or faces?
Alternatively, can I select vertices in the UV Editor and remove them from the map ?



Each UV layer has UV coordinates for every face; you can reset a face to the default unwrap, or move its UV coordinates off into no-man’s land, or hide the face in the UV view, but not remove the coordinates altogether. Why do you want to do this?

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Hi, Matthew.

Because, when an object is to be 99% textured, it is (or I think it should be) much faster to unwrap it all and then delete from the UV map the few faces where you want the basic material to show up, not the texture.
So, what I would like to do for such a face is “move its UV coordinates off into no-man’s land”.

Thanks for your help

can’t you just assign faces needed to a basic material?

Just move those faces you’re not interested in outside the uv space.
To prevent texture tiling use the Clip option for the texture for the Blender Render or for the Cycles renderer use a Mapping node with Min and Max enabled set to 0 and 1

Problem solved. Thanks!