A Portrait of a Woman.

Created using Blender, Cycles, AfterEffects, PhotoShop and ZBrush.


The hair looks quite polygonal still, and a little too thick. You should perhaps increase the render steps.

Not sure if that is what you want, but it appears to me as a painted on wooden sculpture. Possibly because you used some effects like smart sharpen ( something like that, to remove the noise ?).
On the left eyelid , or under, I see a lot of shadow and it looks like the eyeball has some distance to it.
Indeed the hair is a bit thick. I think the modeling is done ok, and the light. But I should work on the material if I wanted it to look more realistic.


I think you need to go back to your model. To put it bluntly, it has flaws. The jawline does not bulge outwards in any human’s head. Of course, if you were going for that look, it works. Otherwise, jaws never bulge outward below the ear. They flow downwards and to the chin. Also, the eyelids are too thick, especially the lower lid, and the ears are way too outward facing.

As mentioned before, the hair is very thick, and appears polygonal. Increasing render steps is highly recommended.

The skin gloss and texture looks fine to me, also the bump, but it feels to marble like. Try increasing your SSS, and see if it makes the skin look softer.

Hope this helps,

I agree the ear is at an extreme angle. Hair is too thick and subsurface scattering should fix the skin…but the eyebrows seem a bit too thick … and add some shoulders… goodluck

The face looks too square at this angle. Not to be rude, but it looks like Sly Stallone in a wig.

Hi to all,

I want to add my point of view. I don’t thing the face has problems as I REALLY THINK THIS IS SOME SORT OF CARICATURE. So I think all critiques about the big jaw, are not correct if you don’t want to achieve realism in the forms but some sort of stylizing or exaggeration in the features.

If this is correct I think the shape is great and much more interesting than a realistic shaped face.

About the materials, I do think that adding realism to them will in this case yes, add interest to the image.

In thhe case of the ear, yes, I do think it is strange but in a bad sense, as here it is not clear that your intention is to make it weird.

Also, the polygonal behavior of the hair I think should be whether exaggerated or abolished. You can do this by enabling “curved segments”:

All the best!!!