Renaissance Lute

Hello everyone,

I’m working on this lute and would like some C&Cs… the sound hole, strings and other details are not done yet, and I’m working on the textures.

Oh, just one question… what would be the best way to model the strings??

Thx ; )

PS: don’t mind the scene… it’s not ready…

front view

top view

Well, when acoustic guitars are built these days, the guitar maker looks for the straightest grained wood he can find. I imagine Renaissance lute makers had the same goals. As to modeling the strings, I suppose a long five-sided tube, set smooth, would serve.

good point orinoco and the veins of the wood would be running in the same direction as the instrument.
about the strings simple cilinders would do the trick.


Blind Guardin rocks man!

You guys are right, they (of course) don’t use varnish (not sure if this is the word).

Although some luthiers use it.

Why on earth do you think they wouldn’t use varnish? Varnish protects the wood, keeps it from splitting, drying out, shrinking and expanding… besides making it shiny. Varnish recipies have been around for thousands of years (not hundreds – thousands). Wood instrument makers would surely have used varnish in the Renaissance.

Well look at the image, there’s no varnish there… but yes there some models that use varnish…

Trust me, it’s varnished.