Rename the Blender and CG Discussions board?

I just had two posts moved from the Blender and CG Discussions board. It looked to me like a prominent, general purpose board. Both my questions led to “discussions related to Blender”. Nearly every thread on this forum is a “discussions related to Blender”, but apparently that board has a specific, narrow purpose. You can’t tell what the purpose is by looking at the threads on it, though. I think most of them might be posted in the wrong place. Give it a more informative name?

The two threads that I can see moved were clearly support questions so should clearly go in the support forums.

Well, it wasn’t clear to me that “Blender CG and Discussions” doesn’t cover every topic. I still don’t know what topic it does cover. It may be perfectly clear to you, but the title means nothing to a n00b, and I think that’s why it’s full of off-topic threads that need moving.

Also: how is a question about the use of metaballs “support”? If the answer is that Blender can’t do that with metaballs, then I guess it’s support because I’m asking about the limitations of the software, but I have no way of knowing that in advance, do I? For all I know - and I’m still hoping, since nobody has replied yet - there is a way to do it, so it’s just a modelling question.

Oh, all questions relating to using Blender are under a section headed “Support”. I see that now. The Blender CG and Discussions section is under “General Forums”, though. If you don’t want people posting about whatever they like there, it shouldn’t be called that.