Rename the finished!

Hi, I think it would be very practical to rename 2 forums.
The Finished Projects forum should be renamed Finished Stills.
The Animation (artwork section) should be renamed to Finished Animations.
Thanks, this would be help with the confusion of animations all over the finished projects section.

Sounds good to me. Also, it might put an end to people constantly asking animation questions in the finished animation forum

I was wondering about this myself. Do finished animations belong in finished projects or in the animation forum?

And furthermore, if the animation forum is just for finished animations, then shouldn’t it be higher in the list than the WIP forum?

yep! totally agree with this! it should be named finished Animation, and moved higher in the stack to be above WIP’s
and indeed, would make sense to rename the finished projects to Finished Images or Stills, then. :slight_smile:

That is a brilliant idea - I had some issues when I initially registered - had the same suggestion in mind.