[renamed] Is there any way at all to transport geometry from Inkscape to Blender?

I have a fairly simple object created in inkscape (two nonconvex shapes, one resembling a deflated triangle and one letter A). When importing using Path import, only the first one gets imported. Overall the Path import script seems to have a great number of show stopper flaws.

Question: is there any way at all of transferring geometry from Inkscape to Blender?

Have you tried jms’s svg script - http://jmsoler.free.fr/didacticiel/blender/tutor/cpl_import_svg_en.htm
Haven’t tried it myself - but his stuff is normally very reliable.
Alternatively, you could export to EPS and try again. (Or yuo could post the file here, and let us try)

Hope this helps.

I’ve imported just fine using the path import script a number of times.
Have you converted the letter to a curve? Blender cannot import directly from
inkscapes text, it has to be curves.

Yes, of course, my desperation has driven me as far as exploding the shape into three overlapping quads (4-gons) that form the letter A. Four convex squares, only skewed. And still nada. It has no issues importing a nonconvex shape with curved sides but it can’t import a simple shape of four straight lines.

Lemme check something out…

Now that’s interensting.

If I make one side of an object curved (drag it’s control points about), blender imports it no problem.

Seems like it has issues with straight-line-only geometry.

EDIT: So the workaround is to bend every straight line in the geometry. That way it’ll actually import, although the shape’s location relative to others will be random (each import will place them in a different relative arrangement). Then it’s necessary to select every line that’s supposed to be straight and VKEY it.

0.5.0 : - the script worked perfectly with Blender 2.41 but in Blender
2.42, use the original svg name file + ‘OOO.obj’ to
write a videoscape file made blender crash under window XP when
the script loaded it . Curiously, use a more simple
name with a sole ‘O’ solved this problem .

JMS, did you ever figure out why this is?

I ask because I have the same problem exactly in DNC-ing files from my network to the machine tools. I have managed the problem with manual fixes and macro’s for years but never have been able to work out why it happens.

(System = XP, DOS motion control systems and Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak, Maho and Makino machines)

note: Fanuc and Fadal machines will run files with O prefix.

Causes much confusion with similarity of O and zero in client and vendor files!