Renaming bones and weight painting.

I’ve been slowly working through my first model with Blender. When I made the deformation armature, I didn’t bother to rename the bones to something useful as I went. I’ve already weight painted the whole model, and just today I went and
renamed all my bones. Suddenly, all of my weight painting was gone.

I saved a version before renaming the bones and after, so nothing’s lost, but I’d like to be able to rename my bones without having to redo the weight painting. Is there any way to do this?

I’m running blender 2.45 on a linux box.


I’ve already weight painted the whole model

Does this mean you weight painted from scratch?

If you did, then this process will save you that step while allowing you to change bone names as well.

So, change your bone names. Parent the mesh to the armature but this time chose the “Create From Bone Heat” option. This will automatically paint weights onto the mesh. Then you can tweak the weights to get good deformations.

I hope this helps and I appolagize if I misunderstand your question.

All the best in your blending experience, and welcome to BlenderArtists.

Rename the vertex groups in your mesh with the same names you used for the bones.
A vertex group with a name matching the name of a bone makes this group being deformed by this bone.