renaming bones without destroying constraints/posedata?

hello all, got a simple question
I’m trying to rename the bones on octopus tentacles- I don’t like the .001 blah names, and redoing 25 bones 7 times by hand is a pain.
when you rename bones in edit mode in blender, constraints are preserved just as you would want them to.
when you rename bones in python using getName() and setName() it removes all posedata (OK in this case) and constraints (not ok) on those bones
Any “quick” method around this? is the solution to grab the bones current constraint information, cache it and redo it with new names? note this could get complicated for nested constraints in batch renaming.

aah, on re-examination it doesn’t look like there is even a “slow” way around it- I don’t see python access to constraint data anywhere.
oh well.

It is not that I want to nag around but, I have been using Blender for a few years now
and if there is something that realy [email protected]#%s with blender is
the access of internal data with python.
Although python is an excelent choice, the way that python data classes are implemented is way to closed.
It is actualy a pain in the ass to find the correct UV and to modify those for instance
well , it is just my opinion
c ya

slikdigit: That’s a problem in the API. It should call the checkup function to relink constraints automaticly when renaming bones. Or at least give access to the function.

rompelstilc: It’s easy to complain, it’s harder to give a better solution. If you get what I mean…


rompelstilc: It’s easy to complain, it’s harder to give a better solution. If you get what I mean…

I am not going to rewrite the whole Blender thing, ok.
And my post was also another way to see if anyone already had the same issue. I am not here to spit but to get help on the topic.
If I ‘complain’ today about this , it is precisely because I have been using blender for ages and this has still not been improved.

next time I won’t say anything. :-?

Actually, I think you missed my point. If you have a problem with the API, just saying that it is shit doesn’t help at all. Suggesting fixes, alternative solutions, how to make it better. That helps.

Also, while this forum is a good place to discus scripts and ask other people for help, if you have problems with how the API is developed, the best place to do that is the bf-python mailing list:


Thx for the link m8 :slight_smile:
but I think the point here is that nobody will change it
it has been like that and never changed


developers need specifics to make changes, and they need to know that something is desired.

If you can provide some good ideas then a developer might get inspired and do the work for you.

Of course there is no promise that a developer will take up your cause, but you improve the odds greatly if you say something.