Renaming UVmaps

Where can I rename a UVmap once it’s been created? The UV editor doesn’t take the new name, nor does the mesh properties panel.

UV Map panel in Mesh properties. Ensure you are in Object mode

The fact that you need to be in Object mode to rename an UV map is a bug IMHO. It hasn’t always been so. (I stumbled on it recently and I wondered “WTF?”) :confused: But it isn’t so any more. In Blender 2013.12.02 (the one I’m using right now), there’s no problem to rename in Edit mode.

Oh good I was wondering if I had completely misremembered but it is just a little weird probably a Windows thing but clicking in the text field does not work you have to click on the actual letters in the field. No problem. It would be nice if the name could be changed in the UV editor as well, but there are probably reasons not to…