Renault 110 (yafaray-tests)

Hi, i’m playing around with yafaray and maybe you like the Renault Alpine:)

the glass-shader in yafaray still confuses me, it takes a long time to render and needs many raydepth. in this pic all windows are shiny-diffuse. the car paint is coated_glossy - it’s quite nice.
rendertime is 2h (1400x700)


pretty :0

i want

nice car, the front could use some tweaking though (it’s a bit bumpy/wavy)
and about the render, tires should have some reflection/specular also the interior material to make it more leatherish.
But overall nice render, could u post the background image U’re using ?

  • Kroni

thanx for comments!:slight_smile:

the sky tex is from here: :smiley: one of the angular-maps. there is only one sun, but just now i’m testing different light-setups

Looks great! You might want to put some ArmorAll Polish on those tires, though.

That is superspecialawsome… i like it…


if you like old cars, here is an other yafaray-test: an old Karmann Ghia, light source is an *exr from here:


hmm it doesnt look too good, the reflections are too “chaotic” in my opinion. But very good work on the car again :wink:

  • Kroni

yes, i’m still testing. if you are interested, here is a more studio-like render. Light sources are 4 sperical meshlights.


ooww, impressive work.
The first is very very good.

For your last pic It gives the impression that your car is a toy (rims gave me that sensation)

Keep it up!