Renault Clio V6 Sport

I started another car… :slight_smile: Clio V6 :slight_smile: So, your comments

Wow - as you would know that is an aweeesoome start, im gonna be checking on this everyday, i so hope you finish this.

I love the slight reflections, and that blue. It porduces a very nice render for the car.

Would you be able to tell me how you get those perfect sharp corners?
Im guessing you use shift+r and put another set of verts next to the corner you want sharp - or have you done it another way?

If possible could you post a wire frame? that would be so greatly appreciated.

Also did you do that with boxmoddling or starting with a vert?

Oh and what do you (or others) think is the best way to model a car? Box or extruding from a vert?

And thanks for being such an inspiration to people like me.
oh… i hope you understand me, and i know i sound like an idiot…
but i hope you dont mind all my questions :slight_smile:

hi, thanks for comments…

  1. Here’s my corner:

  1. Wire:

  1. and I started with vert

Very good, I like that car. I’m looking to see an update. So far the shape seems to be sharp and accurate.


That’s very good!

A question :
How do you make those beveled parts with subsurf modeling?

you should take a look where you are joining the meshes because it looks like you are loosing some verts there. other than that its perfect!

Nice clean mesh, good work so far.

Kepp going,


an update…

reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good !! :o

Very nice. Looks very clean. Nothing to crit yet :slight_smile:

whoo!!! makes me wanna drive… but then I realize I have a '92 ford ranger and my urge is dissipated…lol.

small update:

Aww man !!! thats looking good.

good work, looks really pro !

wow, can’t wait 2 see the further developments…

1 question though: how do you achieve such render? is it AO? i never get such smooth lighting and shadowing in my works and i would really love to…

Gorgeous, clean mesh. Superb modelling Lego Laz.

JackSolo: I’m pretty sure that is a Yafray render. :wink:


I started the wheel…

brake system-

The wheel-

and test materials… -

boy oh boy,
in my eyes its perfect :o
Im looking at the Clio at smccars and hoping yours is going to come out as good as his _b, keep at it.

man , that looks like a photo !
There is a little seam in the texture on the bottom left …
but other than that its perfect …

I would make the holes in the rotor a little larger ,
and I beleive on cross drilled rotors the holes are drilled at an angle , but they look tight as they are .,

great work .