Renault Scenic

Update, this time with better materials, a better render setup and some small tweaks to the model.

This is a Blender internal render, no postprocessing except the adding of black bar at the bottom of the image with the image title and my email address.

Older render:

very nice model :D! pity about the materials, they could use some work. great stuff!

it is really nice. the material makes it a bit cartoony. but the weels are really good.

i’d say the modeling is perfect.
good job

:slight_smile: Well I’m still accepting sugestions in my WIP thread on how to improve the materials and render settings.

great model, but still the render could have been a little nicer, why not try yafray ?

I would really like to see the blend file!!

Or at least part of it, materials and rendering setup. :smiley:

Why would you like to see the materials and rendering setup which, according to everyone here (including me), is not good enough ? :wink:

Why would you like to see the materials and rendering setup which, according to everyone here (including me), is not good enough ? ;)[/quote]

Because it’s by far much better than what I can do.

Here is my render setup - there are two area lights, one near the camera and the other one provides the shadows. Ambient occlusion is on. The car is placed inside a bowl which provides the reflections.


Awesome, I’d have more reflectivity going on there myself, although… that may just be the fact that there’s nothing to really reflect… I’m not quite sure. I checked your WIP topic and saw that you actually modeled the lights which is awesome. And the interior is superb. I wish I could model the finer details of a car like that.

Edit: And about your probem in the WIP topic, try using Ramp shaders for the “white” tints towards the edges. And umm… whoever that guy is you contacted with Sunflow or whatever… that’s incredible customer service. o.O

Scatta - the reflectivity is already high (0.35). I’ve just upped the Fresnel value, waiting for the render to finish to see the result. As for the reflection - I try to keep the environment as simple as I could - I want a kind of studio render.

Yeah, the guy who wrote Sunflow is amazing - there is a pretty active thread in the News&Chat section where I’ve posted my render. The guy helped me to set the scene more efficiently - thats normal, he wants to improve his renderer and user input is important to him.

Update in the first post. Tell me what you are thinking of it.

Very nice update, cipix. I feel the latest paint material is a slight step backwards from the most recent one in the WIP thread - I liked its vibrancy and more emphasized specularity. Perhaps some “reflective white planes” behind the camera in the scene would make it look more showroom-glossy. The model is superb, tho. Just beautiful.

Now all that’s needed is a “rolling flyaround” animation! :slight_smile:

What a improvement good materials and lighting can bring! =D
The first render was just ok, but this new one is very good!

Thank you mzungu.
The current materials and render setup are my best - I am not able to do any better than that. If someone thinks that they can do a better job with materials and render setup please step up, I’m willing to provide the model in the hope that I can learn something new about materials and rendering.

Not likely considering the render time (around 6h for one of the images in the first post).

wow, I love it! Is that a yafray render? 5 stars!

This is a Blender internal render.

Cipix, don’t worry about yafray, people should use the render rengine they feel most comfortable with, and the realism of this work rendered with Blender internal is really impresive. Very good modelling work and lighting !

Good job cifix…I like the tires… keep up the good work!!