Renault twingo ELECTRON

hello I have question, how to get rid of fireflies in lamp area

Am I correct in believing that the headlights have an emission shader?
If so, the emission shining through the glass shaders often cause this issue and a quick fix would be to remove the emission shader, but if it needs to be emitting the answer might lay in messing with your light paths.
I’ll do some more tests and see what I can come up with.
Can we have some more info on the properties of the scene in the problem area?

thanks for trying to help, i figured out that emition of light value was too high 100 I reduced to 20 and that fixed ol,oasr everything.

hello one again, if you dont ban all images that I post here… so, there are all work frow historry

and last of that day

some aloy rims

next clyent thots

collor experiments

last of that day

some experiments with integrating with backplates (render cycles)


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next experiment

yet another…


some ibl and baccplates from

end of that place turn

another hdr set from

360 or 180

yet another fixed atachements

Wow this is excellent! But attachments above don’t work.