rend. camera and preview window

i was just wondering if there was a quick way to set the camera to capure what you are viewing throught preview. Camera controls are a little finicky to my liking and this would help a lot

Try selecting the camera and hitting Ctrl+Alt+0 to set the camera to the position you are at in the 3d view. Hope it works for you!

not exactly what i was looking for but pretty damn close, thanks bud.

I got the wrong info the first time, it wasn’t Ctrl+0 but Ctrl+Alt+0, sorry, I don’t use it much. And now that I reread your question… I don’t think that can be done. Someone else may know but I have never heard about that before. Sorry :frowning:

EDIT: Try Ctrl+Alt+0 to get the right position and then Alt+B to get the right size for the render window. Might work.

that actually works pretty well, thanks for the tip bud