render 2 smokedomains on different layers consecutively not parallel

I want to combine two different smokedomains. Now I already read that this is currently not possible (Only one renders if they overlap (and in my case they overlapp 100%) and one should create a third domain that uses the voxel data of the previous two. In the effect i’m trying to achieve this is not possible because the effect actually depends on the material settings of one domain, so I cant use a big third (same settings for both) for both voxels.

Thats why i tried to render them in seperate layers, but the problem that blender just renders one is still present. I can verify this by alternately turning off rendering (restrict rendering in outliner). Both domains can be renderd (also on different layers) if the other one is turned off.

So now my question: Is it possible to render layers consecutively and not parallel? Because then I could combine the layers in the compositor.

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