Render a black hole?

I just saw a documentary about black holes on a certain subscription channel. While the visualization of a black hole is not that interesting to me.
But can it be achieved using Blender Cycles?
I mean, we need to set a gravitational point somewhere in Blender space. Which needs to be also huge.
So can it be achieved in Blender?
Or does the graphics artist open a whole bunch of other tricks to achieve this.

Just a question and happy rendering.

Other tricks. Even if physical parameters can be defined to drive the effect, also universe simulators use graphical tricks to achieve this. There should be tutorials on youtube for this, or use universe sandbox or something.

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:point_up_2: that and this :point_down:

Do as gods do :wink: know in digital domain everything is pretty simply variable. There’s no law of g-ravity, space-time and light speed are all under control.

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I had a few tries. Might even say, few too many. Here is the recent one