Render a series of specific frames (Cycles)

So I recently finished rendering a long animation, but some frames seem to have strange artifacts on them. Fortunately, I got rid of these artifacts, however, I need to re-render all the frames with them. It’s a long animation and it takes really long to render the whole thing (25mins/frame), and about 40% of all the frames have these artifacts. The frames that have them are randomly distributed in the whole animation, so I can’t render a part of the animation by setting the start and end frames.

So is there a feature, an add-on or a script that allows cycles to render specific frames of the animation one-by-one, and save them with proper names(eg: Frame001, Frame0012, Frame0039)?

Thank you!

Depending on your OS you could do it with a bash script or a powershell script on Windows using Blender’s command line option -f within a loop that reads the list of frames to render from a text file.

yes the command line options now allow specific frames and frame ranges