Render a single frame to disk?

A basic interface question I should have asked long ago…

The Render button just makes a quick render but then you have to save it to disk as a separate step.
The Render Animation button renders to disk but if you only need a single frame you have to change your frame range.
Shouldn’t there be a way to have the Render button write the image to the specified directory / file name?

It’s not that the step of naming the file afterward is so terrible, but for long renders it would be nice to know it will be saved immediately. Yes, a one-frame animation is a possible solution, just thinking there has to be a more elegant way I just don’t know about.


File Output node connected to the render layer node in the compositor

Thank you!
I didn’t know about this node before, but I can see how handy it would be when needing to render out multiple passes.
I always get Image0001.png as the output file, is there a way to specify a different file name?

You can change the file name in the file output node properties in the box with the list of outputs. I believe it always adds the frame number to the end of the name