Render a UVmap texture back into itself?

Ok, so I textured part of my model and wanted to apply the ambient occlusion to it. So, I go up to Render > Bake and hit Full Render, but I’m left with just a black image.

Is there any way to use the uvmap as the render to texture texture? Because as far as I can tell, it only seems to work with images applied to the mesh through surface materials.

I know it is possible since programs like Xnormal do just that, but I like Blender’s ambient occlusion and also I don’t want to be exporting .obj’s every 5 minutes to perfect the textures.


Bump, I really need to know this, if anyone can help!


Have you made a UV map for that object? Baking should print to the active image that has a UV layout. -Just remember to save the image if it works or you’ll lose it when you leave blender.

Hope I made at least some sense. :slight_smile:

P.S. For ambient occlusion you need to set the “Render Mode” to “Ambient Occlusion” not “Full Render”.

  1. you need to add the UV image as a texture channel, and set it up in materials. 2) you need to add a new image in the UV editor, and marry your UV coordinates to it, by selecting all your UV’s and then calling the new blank image up in the UV editor. Now bake, and you should see your UV image.

Modron knows what I’m thinking, sorry if I didn’t make myself clear Benson.

Ok, so I add UV map as a texture and then apply it to the model? :S Doesn’t sound right to me but I’ll try it. How do I make sure it goes back onto the model just as it was UV’d on?

In material setting, go to the map input panel and check ‘UV’. then, you’ll need to add a fresh blank image to your UV coords in the UV window, to bake onto.

AH that makes sense now, so it just slaps image onto UV as if it was placed onto UV map.

Ok, will come back with results if it works or fails. :slight_smile:

Well it works, but the results sucked in quality. I think I will just use Xnormal instead.