Render all action in blender

Hi everyone,

I’m trying render all images from 01_a_camera.blend file.
I have a scrip to render, but rendered image is not correct.

Can you explain for me why?

Thank you very much.

You want to render a separate animation for each of all defined actions? Is it that what you mean? Shouldn’t you activate the current action then in the main loop (and muting all others) before rendering?

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I have 12 actions from 01_a_001 to 01_a_012, each actions, I have 10 animations, so I want to render all animation (I will get 10*12 images).

I think is activate action for render, right?

Could you put all the actions together in the NLA and render them all that way?

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Thank you. It is one solution.
But I have many file like 01_a.blend, so I want to find other solution (dont need edit any files)