Render ambient occlusion to UV-mapped texture?


when creating models for computer-games, many people use 3d-programs to create an occlusion map for their model and use it to create a more realistically looking texture.

My question is, whether it is possible to do this with blender, too.
The ambient occlusion in blender is applied to a rendered image, so it is not possible to map the brightness values onto a texture.
I have tried using radiosity, by surrounding my model with a light emmiting sphere, but the result was useless. The model was lit up very unclean and all with a high polygon density were extremely dark. The body of my human model was bright, while face, hands and feet were extremely dark.

Are there other freeware programs that I could use to create an occlusion map, or do you know a technique to do it in blender?

Thanks for all helpfull posts in advance.

Look for posts in the Gameblender forum, that will get you on the track,
but beware: lacking second UV-set and multitexturing Blender is not newbie
friendly in this respectt. However it can be done and i had finally some success. It looks awesome in the GE.