Render and GPU

Hey guys, I wont buy a new GPU but im not sure who is more best for Blender or who works more fine.
I know nVidia si more good because use CUDA but anyway… I want to know the difference between one and another time to render, like if you’re tiny and it does not matter or is relatively high.

nVidia GTX 780 vs AMD Radeon R9 290

And if is posible tell me what externar render it’s more good and can obtain more realistic image & animation (preferable free external render).

Hi, the problem is, you cant render with Cycles and AMD now.
This may change in the next few month but nobody knows.
The best free external render engine for GPU is Luxrender and it work very good with AMD and good with Nvidia.
With Nvidia you can use all GPU render engines, CUDA or not.

Cheers, mib

Most GPU renderers run on CUDA and do not support AMD cards therefore go for Geforce.

EDIT: Also there`s no such thing as best external renderer. They all do some things better than others. Vray, Octane and Maxvell are some of the more popular ones.