Render and Object's Influence but not the Object


I want to render a scene that has some glass text bursting. There is a plane underneath and to the back of it so it has proper lighting and reflection. It looks nice. However, I want to Render the scene WITHOUT the plane on the bottom/back but I do want the effect it has on the glass. Without it the glass is black and you can’t see much of anything.

The reason being is I basically want the outputted file easily added into a Photoshop document for a different piece all together. I have the background as transparent and output as PNG so this SHOULD happen easily. I just want that plane gone so I can crop out the glass text easy but I want the effect the plane has on the text to remain.

I’ve tried a few different things with putting the plane on a different layer and all that but I’m not quite sure I understand it enough to make it work. Any help would be much appreciated.



Can’t you just go into the object’s properties and turn off Camera Ray Visibility?