render and particle problem

I have made this experiment groover.
Wanted to do a fur test.
But I cannot remove or shorten the hair.
I am using particle edit properties length - shrink but nothing happens.

The next problem I have renderd the groover but I do not see the red nose renderd ?


Hmm… don’t know about the particle editing, but do you have emitter selected in the render sub-panel?

Yes I have the emitter selected.
But the problem is solved I have clicked on Free edit then I lose changes in the particle mode I already did. So I did them again and now I can use the particle edit properties.

And when I renderd my groover now the red nose is renderd too.
Do not now why but it all works now.


Is there some explanation about the new particle system
Can not get it right I need long hair flatten to the character.
I used Free edit once and then it is not possible to change anything like the pyshics. I get the message Hair is edited!

The new pareticle system is very extensive.

greeting Anton

The physics should be set exactly as you want them before trying to edit the particles. Because the editing is set up to be a final thing. Any change you would want to make to the physics would cause you to loose all your hard work in editing them just to fix something.

I suggest making sure you have all of your physics exactly how you would like them, then spend good time editing the particles and adding a softbody to the particle system if you like. But I believe that a softbody is really only useful for animation, because in a still you can just edit the particles into the shape you want them.

Hope this helps!

Thanks my beginning was wrong, is there some tutorial about the particle system type hair: to adjust physics and visualization.

By the way I am animating the groover too.

Personally I like this one:’s from before 2.46, but with little effort you can use it with 2.46+. And what is done with curve guides can be easily done with the new editing tools… and a lot faster imo. Here’s some info on softbodies since you’ll be animating.

Here are the nice articles on the 2.46 particle system rewrites:

p.s. I love particles!!!

Thanks that is a lot of information.

Welcome. Do you think I should write a 2.46+ particle tutorial? I have an idea for one. Just want to know if you’d think this would be useful?

That would be very useful .
For animating I also use weightpainting is that not a problem when the particle system is using it too.

I also tested particle mirror . Is this only possible when the character modelled mirror is applied. Then I can never improve modelling the character.


Unless you have the vertex group for the weight painting in the particle system buttons, then it shouldn’t effect it.

The particle system won’t recognise the mirror modifier unfortunately. The mesh will have to be done I guess, or when you want to edit it again, you’d have to do it on both sides.