Render and viewport produce totally different results - Blender Guru's Anvil Tutorial

Hey everyone,

I just started getting into blender and am most of the way through Blender Guru’s Anvil tutorial but I am seeing some big differences in my Actual Render vs Viewport render. I am rendering using cycles.

You’ll notice in the actual render that my textures are block-y for some reason. But when I look through the viewport it’s seamless. I have tried adjusting all of my shader nodes but nothing seems to fix this. I’ve looked to try to find someone else having this problem, but haven’t seen any others. I don’t know what else to try.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Please disregard, I figured it out.

In case anyone else has been having the same problem though:

I had a backup anvil hidden from my viewport in my main collection, so in my viewport it was not visible but when I rendered it would become visible again and therefore produced a different render.

I figured this out by just deleting the backup anvil and then testing a render. If you want to keep that backup though, you can just undo the deletion with control Z, create a new collection, place the backup in the new collection, and turn off the collection.

Hope that helps someone and saves them an hour or two haha