Render/Animate whatever i do it fails!

downloaded a intro template to edit for my name, and when i get it
i open it up it appears black and white, not in colour liek the intro i downloaded (the vid inside looks same (demo))
i right click tab and change my name,
i set location to output,
ive tryed in avi raw and avi, and ogg
in ogg it gives failed coded,
in avi it gives half image pic, wierd coloured,
and avi raw im getting a pink backgrounded my name in 3d, but no music (not on blend before or after) and totaly wrong pic colour,
ive taken a video il post here

in this video i show my blender intro folder, what i have tryed, and the orgiional design (no music cuase head set)
and then show the horrible pink things i get lol


The pink colour indicates you are missing some textures (check for missing environment texture etc)
AVI raw won’t give you sound as it does not support audio and is not intended for a final video output
Try some of the output preset options and ensure you have added audio in the video sequencer and you have enabled a suitable audio codec in the render output settings.

No blend file supplied in the post so not able to check for anything specific

il post what i have done on a video cause im a bit confused lol, on youtube they seem to take it edit it and boom done, i copy them and get an abortion lol :stuck_out_tongue: my video ther sawfx intro template

The files have been approved now can ya help ? I can pay PayPal if allowed for help or donate lol I’m desperate

On the Video Sequence Editor, the sound clip starts at frame -4632 and lasts 18382 frames. That means it starts 77 seconds before the start of the video. Delete that strip, and insert the audio back again, ensuring it starts on frame 0.
On the issue of video formats, I’d recommend you use Encoding: MPEG-4 with Codec: H.264

Your background texture is missing on the file you uploaded (thus the magenta background), but I’m sure you know where it is on your disk, don’t you? :wink:

haha umm … nope xD the other stuff makes sence,…
but this was everythign in the file ? may seem noob lol but dont tell me the background is hiding in the system? how on earth do i find it xD
dont ell me i gota somehow make it? im sure msot ppl download them and on the videos there already there? i dont get how im not getting them lol

Background image was not added, however looking at the video - any blotchy, red, blurred would do.
As is missing the font which is used in file - . Do not forget to look at the license on this.
Sound clip - timeline has a different name on it, probably whole original where just a part is used. You have to drop in mp3 which is included into the zip.

Floating (standing still?) particles suspiciously look like some mesh vertex halos composited from a separate BI render.