render animation done with ode

hi is it possible to render actions i did in thegame engine?


I think the answer is no, you can capture like a screen capture and antialias with the right hardware but not achieve the various advantages of rendering. It is something we could keep suggesting for future game engine releases or a special build but I imagine there is a lot to do as it stands

There was a script posted here a while ago (by Doc Holiday?) that converted movements in the game engine to IPOs for rendering. That might do what you want.

there a fonction in realtime mode call MakeScreenshot(file.tga)

you hade to put this : from Rasterizer import *

so you can make it for all image but it’s very slow because it take a picture and write it in tga format and it can make the animation slow

The problem with MakeScreenshot() is that you can’t use any of Blender’s rendering features like shadows, bumpmaps, reflections, procedural textures, NURBS, particles…

Well it was for the real time, where use “don’t use” procedural textures and where it’s very hard to use particules enaugh got lags …
so it was just a suggestion :smiley:

I guess it depends on what you want to do. If you’re making a movie to show what your game looks like when it’s played, then makeScreenshot() would probably be best. If you’re just looking for an easy way to animate a complex scene, then the game2ipo script would be perfect.