Render animation to AVI file.

Hi all,
I just started studying blender. I wanted to know, how do I render animation to avi file. At present it is rendering to individual jpg files.

Deekshit M

Go to the Scene Panel (F10 in buttons window) and then look for a box that has ‘Format’ at the top.

Find the box that says ‘Jpeg’ and the click on it and find ‘Avi Raw’, ‘Avi Codec’, and ‘AVI Jpeg’.

Also be sure to set the location to put the .avi in the box that says ‘Output’.
Enter it into the box that has something like ‘/temp’. When moused over it says ‘Directory
ame to save pics to’.

In general you should not render your final animation directly to AVI. If something goes wrong or you discover that you need to fix something you’d have to re-render the entire thing. Also, it can hurt post-pro…

Render to individual images (I always suggest PNG because they have a very high level of lossless compression). You’ll get your directory of 0001.png, 0002.png, etc. files.

Next, switch to the Video Sequence Editor and Add --> Images and select all the images just rendered. Press F10 and click “Do Sequence”. Change the output type from PNG to whatever you want (AVI Codec).

Press ANIM and be amazed!

So quick…!!!

Thank you very much for the reply. I hope I will get the same help in future too.