Render animation with alpha... How?

Hi everyone.

Excuse me for my bad orthography, my native language is spanish.

I have a short time using blender, so this is giving me a real headache.

I’m ussing Blender 2.58.1, and I tested different video formats to make a video file with alpha (transparent) channel in the background, to put this animation in Adobe Premiere, and place it over other stuff.
When I import the video files to Premiere, them appears with a gray background, so it’s completely useless to me.

I saved the animation stripped in .PNG files, with the hope of join all of the png pics on a single video with alpha channel with VirtualDub… ok, when I open the first pic in VDub, it detects the entire sequence, I set the fps, but it saves the video with that damn gray background… so i though that VirtualDub doesn’t support Alpha channel…

I tested the stripped .png pics on Premiere, and effectively they have the alpha background.

I readed somewhere that older versions of Blender support Quicktime’s .mov format, and with that (or those) version(s) I could save my video in .mov format and reach my objective.

If you know of some software to join .png files onto a single video and preserve alpha, or another way to render from Blender my animation with the alpha background to open it on Adobe Premiere, please… PLEASE! let me know.


it’s in most cases best practice to export an image sequence rather than a video
as for your transperency: have you checked rgba in your render settings?
only then do your pngs contain an alpha channel.

save your your files in PNG ( TGA’s better?), but you must enable the RGBA button to get transparent background, as stated above.
You can use Blender to do your Video Editing work, of course!
The Video Sequencer is quite powerful and easy to use!

It seems like you can already take the .png files into Premiere. You don’t have to make them into a video first, right? Why not just import the series of .png files?

When you make your .png files, you may want to check the “premultiply” option found under shading section of the render tab or your semi transparent areas might not look right when you import into Premiere.

Now that I’ve said that, I’ll say that I never use Premiere because it costs way too much.

For everyone, I already pushed the RGBA button, as I said, I tested the .png files in Premiere over other stuff, and it has the alpha channel.

Thanks for everyone, and specially to loopduplicate, because importing the .png series was the best sollution, I just had to select 29.97 fps in Blender, and save the .png’s. In Premiere it looks awesome!.