Render animation with transparent background

I tried to use a few codecs and set RGBA on, but the background won’t be transpparent no matter what i do. Which codec should i choose or/and which other options?


Use a format that can support transparency such as a .png image sequence. Untick Sky in the render layers.

But how do I then combine all of the 300 PNGs into movie?

/EDIT: Ok, I made a movie from PNGs with VirtualDub. Thanks.

Virtualdub for instance. Every video converter/simple editor that is not complete crap can handle image sequences.

You can also load them in Blenders VSE and export it to a compressed container. (just not QT trolololo)

Take my Blend File. Just open it and Render
It will create 48 frame Transparent Background Mov file


trans_back.blend (189 KB)

I can’t believe this. I exported PNG images and opened them up in VirtualDub but somehow the background isn’t transparent (it’s gray), although I can see that PNGs are transparent. Is there some special option in virtualDub?

Ok Just download this file
and extract it and use see what happens?
see this video
In this there is only one (transparent Mov Chamel file 17 Fame and replicated ) but not with vertual dub
Its 2d Animation software called anime studio pro. Transparent Mov created with Blender

There are only a handful of video formats that support an alpha channel (for instance, QuickTime’s Animation codec). Unless you have an absolute need for a single video file, I’d recommend sticking with the image sequence until you do your final composite to render to a video format that doesn’t support alpha. If you absolutely need an alpha channel in a single video file, you can do that using Quicktime (outside of Blender) or with FFmpeg (I can provide you with the command line stanza I use).