Render Animation

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

It wanted that somebody explained which to me is the rrender more indicated to relieve of animations? Yafray? Blender Internal? Or another one?

I used yafray but he seems that to each frame to a difference in the images…

Sorry, poor english…

Thanks… :slight_smile:

I use Blender Internal. You can not mix the two, if you use Yafray for part of the animation, you must use it for all (todos) of the animation. Yes, there are difference in the images.

Not strictly true, you could composite from both renderers.

But I only used yafray for all animation and exactly thus he has difference in the frames. They had said me that yafray is not indicated to relieve of animations therefore it uses a random system of photons. I disconnect the button photons but it continues the problem… :confused:

if to look at for white wall will notice a difference between frames.