Render Artifacts

i did a render of a model
i check all the doubles and remove doubles and check the normal
everything seems to be allright i did apply the smooth on
and i get theses nice artifacts in the render

one thing is that i dont’ have a row of vertices there ?

can someone help get rid of theses things


Are you using Sub-surf? It looks like sub-surf pinching cause by either internal faces or overlapping faces. Note: remove doubles will only remove verts that are in the exact same location (or within the limit you select 0.001 BU by default). Remove doubles will not remove internal faces or overlapping faces. If you are not using sub-surf, can you post a Wire frame or Blend file?

here the wire mesh shape


tested without the smooth on and seeks ok
and no texture either
but rough a little bit


  • check if tangent shading is off in the shading menu.
  • your subsurf level should be max 2 or 3 in your case.
  • select everything in edit mode and hit shift+j to remove triangles (they cause weird artifacts when subsurfed).

hint: in object mode, hit set smooth in the editing panel.

voilàh :wink: