render as vector format

(haunt_house) #1


Is there a script to vectorize the cameraview into a flash- or freehand- compatible format (wmf,eps,etc…? It is a bit complicated to render and then vectorize the bitmap. It does not have to be very capable. If the faces are separated and have an outline, it will be enough. I don´t have money for swift3d or vecta3d at the moment.

Thanks in advance


(Zweistein) #2

NO, you can just buy a program from discreet. That s very expensive. You can import your Blender files then and render them in vector faormat s like flash.
Or you import your files in 3dmax and export them to swift3d. but that costs something, too

(dotblend) #3

save your file as .dxf adobe illustrator can read dxf files… (version 8 and up)

(dickie) #4

strata has a flash plug-in that kix ass.
it’s one of the best renderers in the industry too.

you can buy the pee-wee version for $100 USD.
import your vrml scene and animate it top notche.