Render bakeing (Normal maps)

I have tried many times to bake normal maps and failed. This last project was all I could bear. suprisingly I actually managed to bake something:eek: Wow! but my joy was short lived as I soon discovered that the normal map failed badly.
Here are some shots:
the high poly:

The low poly (with normal map):


If you were expecting the normal map to affect the silhouette of your object by making it bumpy you don’t understand what a normal map does. Lighting also has a big impact on the visual effect the normal map gives.
What renderer are you using, in blender internal did you set up the normal map to work as a normal map

Normal map does not affect the geometry of the object,as its just a texture. It only gives you the illusion of extra details.

I’m using internal, and I have seen normal maps do exactly what I want, although maybe I need to raise the poly count a bit. The main problem I am having is that the normal map is not even changing anything at all. Also I have a suspition that the normal map baked the other way round(form the low poly to the high poly).
If normal maps are not the way to go then does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I would like to note that these are for a smart phone game.*


*more than 120 polys is out of the question.

So my words to follow may seem harsh but I am actually trying to help you out here.

First of all you have completely failed to describe how the effect of normal mapping is failing to meet your expectations.
What exactly is wrong about it? No one can tell from the screen shot you posted and you didn’t even supply a blend file
so more experienced users can verify your setup. Also it would have helped some if you had shown the screen shots without color maps applied so we get a better idea of the bake and also shown us the baked normal map itself.

“If normal maps are not the way to go then does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?”

What on earth are you talking about? Normal maps have been the defacto standard for like a decade. They are hugely popular.
There is obviously only one possible interpretation. You are either doing something wrong or you somehow imagined normal maps could do something for you that they aren’t able to.

Many tutorials have been made on developing and using normal maps with blender. Why don’t you spend some time going through them
and then if you still don’t get it when you’ve gone through a few you can return with a blend file and next time clearly state your problem. People on BA are generally very helpful but you have to help them help you.

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