Render Baking......

Okay, please don’t flame me, I’ve already searched for my answers and have not found them. I was wondering how to bake shadows onto a texture. I can already bake them onto a regular gray image, but I can’t if I have a grass texture. So is there a way to bake shadows onto an image texture???

use GIMP

bake your shadows, ,or AO

save the image, and your blend…

open the shadow image in gimp, and your grass texture…

take the shadow map, press control C, select the grass texture and press control V to paste…
now in the layers pannel, change the mix mode from normal, to either Burn,multiply, or overlay…(wichever looks best to you)

save your texture :slight_smile:

you can also have multiple materials on your model, and the materials will bake with the shadows .

Alas, thank you MMPH!

I just learned how to do it off of someone else’s work. Look at the ground in this file done by Zeglr Ecklefish

This is just a basic cube with a ground. for the ground I did some AO baking and then added the AO as a “Screen” and put the grass as “Overlay”. The Grass is mapped to Orco, and the AO Bake is mapped as a UV. Hopefully this helps.


Have you tried snailrose’s light mapping tut?

Its pretty cool, it uses a script and bakes the light/shadows of the scene. Follow the tut closely until you understand it.

Hi , and here goes what i get after i used the internal texture baking …
this feature is really cool :yes: .


can you use 2 uvs for 1 object in the game engine? If so there are a lot of good methods for shadow baking effects. You may want to check out the “svn” baking builds for it, they are probably a lot better than the current 2.45 baking…

This may sound silly but what exatly is baking?? (and I’m not talking the cake kind) newbie question!

Thanks so much guys!!! That looks sweet 3D. Is it for your game?

Thanks so much guys!!! That looks sweet 3D. Is it for your game?

yup , after altering it so much of course :slight_smile:

Nice, very good and professional looking.

Baking… it takes a procedural texture and puts it on an image you can save to a file .png, gif, etc to use as your texture image in the image editor.

You cannot use procedural textures in the game engine.

do this tut, Snailrose wrote a script to bake the light of a whole scene to one image. It works really cool, and you will learn how to use more than 1 uv image at a time.

Good Luck